Saxons INK.

When a customer purchase an inkjet cartridge or toner cartridge for their personal or business printer, they should expect good quality print and color, without streaks or flakes.

Founder Bob Saxon attends the ITEX Copier Show each year to learn more about the most current products and trends in the Copier, Printer, Scanner and Software solutions and consumables industry. His extensive knowledge benefits his customers in terms of quality and price.

Because there are only a few manufacturers who distribute a quality product – and not on a consistent basis – customers deserve an advocate who regularly researches and tests the most current ink and toner cartridges and offers only those with the highest quality at the most competitive price.

Saxons INK recommends Compatible Ink Cartridges and Re-manufactured Ink Cartridges that are ISO 9000 Certified, from his hand-picked, reputable manufacturers and suppliers; and OEM, Compatible and Re-manufactured Toner Cartridges. (He does not stock or sell Rebuilt or Filled Toner Cartridges because their quality and reliability is inconsistent).

Saxons INK offers tested, quality products at a competitive price, personally delivered the same day or next-day to his customers in the greater Atlanta area, to ensure customer satisfaction. And Saxons INK recycles ink and toner cartridges, rather than send them to a landfill.


Bob Saxon
Bob SaxonFounder
“You don’t just get a cartridge; you get me and my commitment to your satisfaction.” – Bob

Saxons INK founder Bob Saxon was born and raised in California. He completed two years of college, then spent four years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps, before he began his career in the office equipment & office products industry in 1962.

He began his career repairing rotary calculators, then went to work as a representative for Royal Typewriter in San Francisco, working with clients in Northern California, Nevada and Utah.

In the late 1970s, he started Saxon’s For Your Office, Inc., a typewriter service and repair company in San Jose, California. There, he repaired and serviced typewriters and office equipment for businesses and school districts, and sold office supplies.

He met Lathem Time Recorder CEO Bill Lathem while skiing in Canada, who convinced Bob to work for him. Bob traveled as a representative with Lathem Time Recorder, and moved to Georgia in 1991.

Following a personal experience with a faulty ink cartridge in 2004, he began to research the ink and toner industry and discovered that only a handful of companies offered quality products. He discussed the industry with friends in the office products industry, and tested a number of ink and toner products for himself, then founded Saxons INK in 2005 to offer quality ink and toner products with his personal commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Tristan J. Saxon
Tristan J. SaxonAwesome Beard Guy
“To be given the opportunity to work alongside Bob Saxon
and absorb his natural ability to network and foster positive
relationships has been an eye opening inspiration to grow as
an individual in the entrepreneur world.” – Tristan

Tristan Saxon joined Saxons INK because he believes in the quality and service this company provides to their clients. Anything revolving around the idea of exceptional customer service is constantly at the forefront of Tristan’s daily goals. After his eight year tenure as a supervisor with a well known prestigious haberdashery, Tristan eagerly began applying his skill sets to reinforce the already sturdy brand, Saxons INK.

With much thanks and appreciation for the opportunity to represent the family owned business, Tristan looks forward to rising to the challenge and celebrating all of the inevitable successes to come – personally and for our clients.

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